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Learning/speaking French

Did everyone who has already moved to France speak the language fluently before they moved?   What on-line courses/you tube videos would you recommend?   I tried Duolingo but gave up as it was OK to start with but then they made huge changes and it…

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10 Replies · Reply by Tricia Oct 4, 2018


May’s Brexit Plan

So, as this week concludes, what is the position on Theresa May’s Brexit Plan?

Seven MP resignations, and Michael Gove rejects May’s offer of Brexit Secretary unless she changes the plan.

Although not confirmed, the 48 letters of “No Confidence” in Theresa May’s leadership as Prime Minister, which are sufficient to have her removed from office whilst a new Prime Minister is elected, have already been received by the 1922 Committee Chairmen.

Since the Prime Minister…

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It's a Sad Day for the £ound

The pound fell dramatically after Mrs. May’s speech today to an all time low against the Euro.

The pound suffered its biggest one day drop of the year on Friday after Prime Minister Theresa May said Brexit negotiations had reached a stalemate increasing fears the UK will fail to reach an agreement before Brexit…

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